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Pachamama Ventures

Pachamama Ventures

Pachamama Ventures exists to accelerate capital into climate tech companies delivering solutions for a more equitable world.

About the Firm

Mission-driven VC firm funding climate tech founders!

So, why invest in climate tech?

The climate crisis is the most immediate
problem we need to solve today (with many
aggressive milestones to reach net zero
emissions by 2050)

Climate tech is extremely capital intensive
& has a longer commercial scale tail than
other tech alternatives

Rising temperatures are exacerbating
preexisting disparities in access to clean
water and affordable food. The poorest
populations are most vulnerable to shocks
hitting their assets and income streams
Our focus areas
  • Carbon Removal
  • Carbon Storage
  • Energy Storage
  • AgTech
  • Clean Power Generation
  • Grid Management

Meet Our Team

Karen Sheffield

Managing Partner